Dunsmuir Botanical Gardens

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Located in the Dunsmuir City Park in far northern California, the Gardens encompass ten acres of hilly, wooded area with a meadow containing the various gardens. Playground area and picnic sites border the beautiful Upper Sacramento River. The location is just uphill of the baseball park where Babe Ruth once played, and the Alexander Dunsmuir Fountain.  Turn in at the Locomotive engine next to the Community Building located at  4835 Dunsmuir Avenue. Then drive uphill, admiring the fountain as you go. Pass the tennis court and around and down to the parking lot. Enjoy the various gardens throughout, and hike our trails above the meadow.

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Dunsmuir Botanical Gardens
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Dunsmuir, CA 96025

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lily_blockOur native white dogwood is prolific in the park and provides a glorious show in the spring. Unique to this area are many Shasta lilies growing on the hillsides and the beautiful, fragrant native azaleas that grow along the river. In addition to the many beautiful native species, a variety of other perennial plants and shrubs have been introduced. These include rhododendrons, hostas, alpine plants, ferns, Japanese maples, and others. During the spring and summer, various annuals greet visitors with a rainbow of colors.

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Numerous walking trails meander through the park, allowing hiking and good viewing of the native and introduced plant material. The Dunsmuir Botanical Gardens enhance the natural setting and provide a tranquil environment for visitors. The meadow is the venue for the ‘Tribute to the Trees’ fundraising concert, and other events throughout the year.