Photo Contest News

Attention photographers: After Seven Years of an annual photo contest, the Dunsmuir Botanical Gardens Photo Contest Committee has voted to change the format from an annual contest to a biennial contest beginning immediately. The next contest will be held in the Fall of 2018.

The committee thanks all past participants and encourages interested parties to keep your camera handy while visiting the gardens as we look forward to seeing new photos in 2018.

Barbara Valenzuela

Photo Contest Committee

2016 Photo Contest Winners

Category: Artistically Enhanced


First Place and Adult Division Winner: David Sjostedt “Coleus”


Second Place: David Sjostedt “Watercolor”


Third Place: David Sjostedt “Bleeding Hearts”



First Place: Zeke Buchert “Make A Wish Fountain”   buchert-make-a-wish-fountain



First Place: Patty Hood “Star Maple”


Second Place: Patty Hood “Forgotten”


Third Place: Barbara Valenzuela “What’s Up?”



First Place: Zeke Buchert “Summer River”


Category: People In Nature


First Place: Linda Price “Family Fun”


Second Place: Bob Baldo “Catch of the Fall”


Third Place: Cora Sue Swords “Untitled”

Photo Not Available


First Place, Professional Division Winner and Peoples Choice Award:Traci Kivela “New Beginnings”


Second Place: Traci Kivela “It Started With A Kiss”


Third Place: Traci Kivela “Love is a New Addition”



First Place: Zeke Buchert “Old Man and the River”


Second Place: Zeke Buchert “Daydreaming Grandfather”


Category: Plants


First Place: Patty Hood “Forest Gems”


Second Place: Patty Hood “Spring Glory”


Third Place: Patty Hood “Morning Light”



First Place and Youth Division Winner: Zeke Buchert “Explosion of Blue”




2015 Photo Contest Winners



First Place: Bob Baldo “Moss Scape”

Baldo-Moss ScapeSecond Place: Bob Baldo “Autumn Reflections”

Baldo- Autmn ReflectionsThird Place: Bob Baldo “River Dance”


First Place: Zeke Buchert “Spring Wall”

Buchert-Spring WallSecond Place: Zeke Buchert “Fall Beauty”

Buchert-Fall BeautyNo other YOUTH entries in this category



First Place: Bob Baldo “Golden Butterfly”Baldo- Golden ButterflySecond Place: Linda Price “My Backyard”Price- MyBackyardThird Place: Gretchen Barlow “Step Into The Garden”

Barlow-Step Into the GardenYOUTH

First Place: Zeke Buchert “One With The River”

Buchert-One with the RiverNo other YOUTH entries in this category



First Place: Patty Hood “Viburnum Lace”

Hood-Viburnum Lace

Second Place: Dave Sjostedt “Morning Glow”



Third Place: Lindsey Culotta “Pink Flower With Orange Ring”Culotta-Pink Flower with Orange Ring


First Place: Zeke Buchert  “Rhododendron Splendor”

Buchert-Rhododendron Splendor

Second Place: Zeke Buchert “New Life”

Buchert-New LifeNo other YOUTH entries in this category



First Place: Lindsey Culotta “Heron”

Culotta-HeronSecond Place: Gretchen Barlow “The Watcher”

Barlow-The WatcherThird Place: Carlee Punt “Butterfly”


No YOUTH entries in this category

BEST OF SHOW: Patty Hood “Viburnum Lace”

ADULT DIVISION WINNER: Patty Hood “Viburnum Lace”

YOUTH DIVISION WINNER: Zeke Buchert “One With The River”

PEOPLES CHOICE: Bob Baldo “Moss Scape”


2014 Dunsmuir Botanical Gardens Photo Contest Winners



First Place:  Gretchen Barlow   “Japanese Maple”

Gretchen Japanese MapleSecond Place:  David Sjostedt  “Pinwheel in Hollow Log”


 Third Place:  Linda Sue Runnels  “Fairies Dancing in the Woodlands”



First Place:  Carlee Punt  “Leading Light”

Carlee Leading Light

Second Place:  Carlee Punt  “Fall”

Carlee Fall

No other YOUTH entries in this category



First Place:  Linda Sue Runnels  “A Peaceful Spring”


Second Place:  Bob Baldo  “Dunsmuir Splash”

Baldo Dunsmuir Splash

Thrid Place:  Linda Sue Runnels  “Make A Wish”

Runnels Make-A-Wish


First Place:  Zeke Buchert  “River Foliage”

Zeke River Foliage

Second Place:  Carlee Punt  “Red Maple”

Carlee Red Maple

Third Place: Zeke Buchert  “River Boulders”

Zeke River Boulders



First Place:  Gretchen Barlow  “Garden Princess”

Gretchen Garden Princess

Second Place:  Linda Sue Runnels  “Plein Air Painting in the Gardens”


Third Place:  Linda Price   “Tribute to the Trees”

PriceTribute to the Trees


First Place:  Zeke Buchert  “Flyfishing”

Flyfishing Zeke Buchert

Second Place: Carlee Punt  “Sitting Pretty”

Carlee Sitting Pretty

Third Place:  Carlee Punt  “Patrick’s Snack”

Carlee Patrick's Snack



First Place:  Victoria Yerkes  “Busy as a B–“

Vicki Busy As A  Bee

Second Place:  Dave Sjostedt  “Autumn Hunger”

Dave Autumn Hunger (1024x683)

Third Place:  Victoria Yerkes  “Bird”

Vicki  Bird


No YOUTH entries in this category

BEST OF SHOW:  Zeke Buchert  “Flyfishing”

ADULT DIVISION WINNER: Linda Sue Runnels  “A Peaceful Spring”

YOUTH DIVISION WINNER: Zeke Buchert “Flyfishing”

PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD WINNER: Linda Sue Runnels ” Make A Wish”

Judges: Taryn Burkleo  Photograpy by Taryn, Heinz Danzberger  Red Door Gallery,                        Kevin Lahey   Kevin Lahey Photography

New Interpretive Signs Installed

The new and long-awaited Interpretive Signs have been installed in the Botanical Gardens.  The four, full color laminated signs give information on the geological context of the Gardens, the Crevice Rock Garden, the flora and fauna of the river setting and the native plants endemic to the Gardens.  The signs are placed in different locations throughout the Gardens so visitors can enjoy them as they stroll throughout the beds.

Brian Wilson, Jerry Totten and Candace Miller, Gardens' Horticulturalist

Brian Wilson, Jerry Totten and Candace Miller, Gardens’ Horticulturalist

This project was made possible through funding from the Union Pacific Foundation, Shasta Regional Community Foundation, the Don and Florence Bottega family and the many private donors to the Botanical Gardens.  This commitment to the mission of the Dunsmuir Botanical Gardens, to provide horticultural education to the members of the Dunsmuir Community and the people who visit here, is greatly appreciated.

Brian and Jerry making sure the sign is level and straight

Brian and Jerry making sure the sign is level and straight

The Gardens’ Board of Directors also wishes to thank Dunsmuir Recreation and Parks Board members, Jerry Totten and Brian Wilson, for installing the signs, Bowen Saunders who worked so hard digging the eight post holes, Linda Price of LP Designs for her design and layout of the signs, the experts in their fields who contributed the specific information for the individual signs and Gardens’ Horticulturalist, Candace Miller.

Brian adds cement to ensure a sturdy and permanent  installation

Brian adds cement to ensure a sturdy and permanent installation

All Aboard For The Botanical Gardens

The Road Scholars made their annual stop at the Dunsmuir Botanical Gardens for an evening meal hosted by the Botanical Gardens Board of Directors during their inter-generational tour of northern California on June 24th.  The Botanical Gardens Board will host another group of Road Scholars visiting the Gardens on July 22, 2014.

The children, ages 6-10, and their grandparents came from Michigan, Ohio, British Columbia, Washington and California to experience life in a true railroad town and the fun and “can-do” attitude of the “Boxcar Children” in the book series written by Gertrude Chandler. The group stayed in the cabooses at Railroad Park.  During their 3 day stay in Dunsmuir, they visited Hedge Creek Falls, Mt. Shasta City Park and the headwaters of the Sacramento River, the Mt. Shasta Fish Hatchery, Turtle Bay Exploration Park, the Dunsmuir Railroad Museum and Shasta Caverns.

After a home cooked meal of gazpacho, lasagna, rice and vegetable casserole, salad, garlic bread, ice cream and brownies, the 26 Road Scholars toured the Botanical Gardens with Gardens’ horticulturalist, Candace Miller, or played in the Children’s playground.

Road Scholar is the name of the program developed and offered by Elderhostel, Inc., the not-for-profit world leader in life-long learning. Road Scholar has enrolled more than 5 million participants in its educational adventures world-wide since its founding in 1975.

Click each photo for larger view.


Tribute to the Trees A Hit!

A gathering of over 300 guests celebrated the longest day of the year in the Dunsmuir Botanical Gardens.  “Summer Solstice”, the theme of this year’s ‘Tribute to the Trees event, offered an evening of perfect weather, an array of pre-concert festivities and the beautiful music of the Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra.

Save the date for the Dunsmuir Botanical Gardens’ 25th anniversary celebration on June 21, 2015. You won’t want to to miss this very special Tribute to the Trees!

Click each photo below to view full size.


Photo by Sue Lang.


Photo by Sue Lang.


Photo by Linda Price.

Tribute to the Trees June 20

Update your calendars and devices now. One of Siskiyou County’s most long-standing events celebrates its 25th Anniversary on June 20, 2015. The Board of the Dunsmuir Botanical Gardens requests your company as the Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra presents its annual Tribute to the Trees concert. The meadow will be decked out in style for this very special Silver Serenade and catered supper. Only 300 dinner tickets will be available, so be sure to reserve your spot as soon as they go on sale in the spring. Grab some glam and let your silver shine for this gala summer tradition.

The Gate opens at 3:30 PM with an al fresco supper served at 5:00 PM followed by a concert at 6:30 PM featuring the Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra.

Tickets for the event may be purchased soon.

The Gardens Wish List

Each year, our horticulturalist, Cadace Miller, updates her Wish List of special specimen plants she would like to add to the Gardens for our visitors’ enjoyment and the enrichment of our plant collection.  The plants range from a tricolor dogwood in the McHenry Bed, to a yellow rhododendron at the entrance to the Spider Azalea Bed, to a dwarf hydrangea at the corner of the Children’s Garden.  Many other special plants (native and ornamental) and their proposed locations are included on the DBG 2014 Wish List.  Prices range from $10 to $100.

If you would like to purchase a special plant and donate it to the Gardens, please contact Candace at 530-261-1371. Candace will be glad to discuss the possibilities with you!

Posted by Candace, Gardens’ Horticulturalist